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Covid - 19 has literally changed our lives forever.  Never did we ever think we would have to stand on lines to enter our neighborhood grocery store or to wear a mask and gloves to shop.  That is the least of the change but the lasting change is the loss of a loved one.  A life that was taken without notice, without preparation without a trace.  These loved ones left a story to be told, left a message, left a story.  Footprints of Humanity offers an avenue of encouragement to those living with COVID-19, support for the caretakers and for folks who have lost loved ones to share that their legacy, their footprint. 

We invite you to be party of history that so many souls can be Blessed from.  The three of us are looking forward to making this a beautiful platform to help with closure and loss.  

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Lea Peters



Brooklyn native who is a math nerd by day and social media enthusiast by night. During my free time, you can catch me at brunch with friends, at the gym, or editing videos. Besides my love for numbers, I am a true creative with a passion for progressive politics. 


Ava Anise Adams



RN on the Front Line

Cecelia Valentin



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